WWE WrestleMania 34 matches, rumors, predictions and locations

All set to go for the grandest stage of them all

WrestleMania 34

Road to WrestleMania 34 has just begun. WWE WrestleMania 34 is set for Sunday April 8th 2018 in New Orleans and look like this could be the massive one as in term of crowed attendance. Look like this WrestleMania will broke the record attendance of WrestleMania 32 which was 101,703. WrestleMania 32 was held at AT&T stadium in Arlington, Taxes on April 3 2016. Let see will it be able to broke the record of WrestleMania 32 2016.

WrestleMania 34 big matches

Brock Lesnar (Champ) vs Roman Reigns (The Big Dog) for the Universal Championship. Well this match is very much to offer in terms of entertainment because we saw last time that Roman and the Beast had a excellent match at WrestleMania, before it was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Who cashed his money in the bank contract to win the World Heavy Weight Title by a cheap shot. Now Roman Reigns had won the Elimination Chamber match, to earn his spot at the grandest stage of them all for the champion ship against the Beast for the Universal Championship.

Aj Styles (Champ) vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the world Heavy Weight Championship. After winning the Royal Rumble 2018 match by eliminating the Big Dog. Now he choose AJ his opponent at the grandest stage of them all. WWE universe was keen to look that which opponent he choose. Now all eyes on Shinsuke Nakamura and Aj Styles for the world heavy weight Championship.

John Cena vs The Undertaker. Surprise to see the Undertake once again on the grandest stage of them all. Because he was retired in last WreslteMania 33 after defeated by Roman Reigns. So if this match happens then it will be entertaining also will end emotionally. Because fans can’t see Undertaker again on losing side.

WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania 34 Match Predictions

Unversal Championship Match.

Its hard to predict who win in this match. Because last time they had a very good and entertaining match and we almost thought that Roman Reigns had his moment to beat the one in 21-1. But unfortunately the match was interrupted by the Seth Rollins. Now one who ended the Undertake Streak and one who ended his career. Its hard to decide that who will win. But it look like the Big Dog has the courage and ability to slay the Beast.

World Heavy Weight Championship

After winning the Royal Rumble match 2018 by eliminating the final member Roman Reigns he look like strong contender to win the title. Because its  all set to go for him on the grandest stage of them all.


Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz (Champion) vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor. Its look like Braun Strowman might interrupt the match if that is not the case than Seth Rollins (The Architect) has strong chance to win the Title.

SmackDown Tag Team Match

The Usos (Champions) vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers. The Usos will lost the Title for sure and it will strong competition between The New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers. And it will be great for them if the Bludgeon Brothers put a great show and win the Tag Team Title on the grandest stage of them all.

Braun Strowman vs Elias

Elias vs Braun Strowman this match is one sider. This match could be over with in 5 mints. And clearly Braun Strowman is the winner.

Women Match Predictions

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte Flair (Champion) this match is still has to be decided because Asuka hasn’t pick his opponent for WrestleMania if she pick Flair her opponent then she had to put a good fight to win the title. And I think Queen has all the strategy to beat her quite comfortably. If she pick Raw Women’s Champion as her opponent then Queen will face Becky Lynch.

Raw Women’s Championship Match

Alexa Bliss (Champion) If Asuka Choose Alexa her opponent for the WrestleMania 34 2018 then there will be some entertaining fight. And Asuka have a lot of chance to win the title on the grandest stage of them all. If she choose Queen as her opponent than Nia Jax will get the opportunity to face Alexa Bliss for the Title match.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley. Its very silly to have this match without Title because this match should be full of entertainment. But still the match is awesome. Because The boss will looking for his spot at the grandest stage of them all.


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