Most Unluckiest person Rana Fawad yet another loss for Lahore Qalandars

Rana Fawad is probably the most unluckiest person in the world.

Today we were witness one of the great match of #HBLPSL 2018. One of the great low scoring match in T20 Lahore Qalandars vs Islamabad United. And also first Super Over in HBLPSL in its third installment before this there is no super over in Pakistan Super League. But Nothing going on Rana Fawad’s way because he still lost the match. With this his team stands bottom of the table with four lost. Despite being of the biggest franchise in Pakistan Super League Lahore has failed to get any positive results.

Fawad Rana

But still Fawad Rana support his team in every match even though they lost four in row. Now they have to pull their socks and put some efforts to post their first victory in HBLPSL 2018. And with Lahore strategy their are less chance to improve because they made changes in every match. First match in HBLPSL 3 they open their inning with Fakhar and Naraine second match they drop fakhar to one down and fourth match they try Umar Akmal as their opener. Looks like they are confused and this is not going to help them in future matches.

Brandon McCullum is lost in somewhere because the McCullum we know he was a hard hitter and can strike the ball hard. But in this PSL we see Defensive Brandon McCullum which might be the case of their losing. You have to be brave for wining the matches form here on. They have to win all their matches which is quite challenging.  And also if you look at the local talent they have some big names like Umar Akmal who had good two seasons with the bat. But this season he is not been able to score runs for his team.

Support for Qalandars

Even though they losing pretty consistently but they still have a great fan following who support their team no matter what the team is doing. Even the owner supporting them in each and every match and that is quite impressive and hard to believe. Because so far his team is doing nothing except losing pretty consistently. So for their fans they need to win and stay in the tournament and show them that we are still in.



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