ICC satisfied England did not temper with ball in 2nd ODI against Pakistan

Unverified footage from 2nd ODI match highlighted England pacer Liam Plunkett moving fingers over the ball. But Liam Plunkett has been cleared of any wrongdoing during the 2nd ODI against Pakistan by ICC. The incident has beenn closed as far as officials are concerned but it is a warning to all the teams that they will be monitored closely during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

While the ICC is said in a statement on Sunday: “The ICC is aware of the unverified video that is currently circulating on social media. The match officials are comfortable that there was no attempt to change the condition of the ball or any evidence of this on the over by examinations of the ball throughout the game”.

When Liam Plunkett was made aware of the images, Plunkett himself reported the footage to match referee Richie Richardson and said he was only spinning the ball in his fingers. Match referee Richied Richardson then spoke to the on-field umpire Chris Gaffaney on Sunday who confirmed he had no suspicions over the condition of the ball.


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