Cricket belongs to everyone – Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara was the part of Sri Lanka cricket team when they were attacked in Lahore back in March of 2009.

Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara is hopeful for the return of international cricket to Pakistan. He is with MCC’s team for a week-long visit to Pakistan where he will be captaining the team.

Sangakkara expressed his desire for return of cricket in Pakistan after this MCC’s tour. He also visited the Gaddafi Stadium of Lahore to relive the memories of being on the honours board for his double hundred in 2001 in the Asian Test Championship.

“Cricket belongs to everyone, but for the players to have that platform and display their skills, you need to have that support,” Sangakkara, Sri Lanka’s former captain, said in Lahore. “The fact is that you need to have an underpinning of youth who can be inspired to take up the game.

“So if there is no home cricket for a very long period of time, there is a danger that sometime that kind of hunger might go away. The more cricket that you play here at home, the more times young children and the fabulous fans of Pakistan can see their side, their players play in front of them, within almost touching distance.”

When the left-hander was asked what message would he love to send over to those nations who are still hestitent to tour Pakistan for international games.

“Rather than giving a direct message, I think the best way to send that message is by the way we play and the experience they get by watching us play,” one of the all time best cricketers said. “The MCC being here addresses the concerns that other cricketing nations held.”


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