Box Office: Joker tops again with solid $55 Million

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Box Office: Joker tops again with solid $55 Million

Joker has topped the box office charts for the second time in a row with massive $55 million. The thriller remained the No. 1 movie worldwide. The supervillain film has just dipped around -43% from debut weekend.

This is the largest second weekend ever in the month of October as it has eclipsed Gravity’s $43.2 million second weekend earnings back in 2013. Joaquin Phoenix’s film has now accomulated $192 million domestically in just 10 days.

Joker brought in an estimated $123.7 million from 79 international markets for an overseas total that now tops $351 million. A global total has already touched $543 million which makes the movie the ninth biggest DC’s adaptation worldwide of all-time.

DC’s Joker currently sitting behind Justice League ($657.9m). The film made debut in France and Germany and it has earned $10 million and $9.3 million respectively.

For Todd Phillip directional, UK remained the best overseas market so far with film grossing $36.9 Million there.


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