Black Panther still dominates the Domestic Box Office

Black Panther still running well on the Box Office

Black Panther

After the Fifth weekend Black Panther still able to earn over $26 millions at the domestic box office and with that now the total domestic box office of the movie is +$605 millions. That makes it on the 7th Spot at the all time domestic box office & 14th at the all time worldwide box office. Black Panther just $18 millions away from the Avengers $623 millions. It will be the highest grossing movie for Marvel’s at domestic box office.

Black Panther Box Office

Overseas Market

The movie has a great success on the domestic box office with the collection of +$605 million. But on the overseas market movie done probably a great job. But as compare to its domestic box office it should go over 1 billion at the overseas market. So far the movie is been able to earn over $593 million from the foreign market which is below from its domestic earning.

After topping the 5th weekend at the domestic box office Black Panther joins the Avatar and The Sixth Sense as the third movie in last 19 years top the box office with 5 straight weekends. And its 6th weekend movie will cross the Avengers. And become the 1st movie of Marvel who earned more than their previous movies at the domestic box office. Black Panther is at 14th spot at the world wide collection and 7th spot at the domestic box office collection. After $18 million Black Panther will become the highest grossing superhero movie of all-time.


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